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Act and Regulations

Burial and Cremation Action 2013


The Burial and Cremation Act 2013 and the Burial and Cremation Regulations 2014 came into operation on 1 February 2014. The purpose of the Act is to ensure that human remains are treated with dignity and respect at all times.


The Act prescribes the manner in which human remains are to be:

  • Identified, handled, stored and transported

  • Disposed of - either by burial or cremation

  • Identified and the manner of death confirmed before disposal authorisations and permits are issued.


The Act also set out requirements for the

  • Establishment, management and closure of cemeteries, natural burial grounds and crematoria

  • Issue, duration and renewal of interment rights

  • Ownership, maintenance and removal of memorials


The Act can be downloaded from South Australian Legislation

AS4204-1994 Headstones and Cemetery Monuments


The AS4204-1994 Headstones and Cemetary Monuments Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee on Cemetery Monuments, in response to a request from the cemetery industry and to a subsequent survey.


The Standard was written with the objective of enabling cemetery authorities and monumental masons to specify minimum structural design criteria, performance, installation and renovation requirements for headstones and cemetery monuments so that these may have a minimum service life of 50 years.


The Standard can be downloaded from the SAI Global Store


Please note, an update to the Standard is now available AS4204-2019

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