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CCASA Membership

The Benefits of Becoming a CCASA Member


The Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of South Australia is an industry body for the cemeteries and crematoria industry in South Australia. 


With a strong record over the past forty years of providing support to our members, meaningful connections with colleagues and suppliers across the state, educational opportunities at our information days and important work collaborating with state legislators to improve and regulate our industry including health and safety standards, we are committed to providing great value to our members and to the cemetery industry.


Unlike many other industry bodies, our Executive Team are all volunteers passionate about the cemetery and crematorium industry. 


Annual memberships are:

  • Ordinary Membership (ie: councils, cemetery authorities) $250 per annum

  • Associate Membership (ie: business associated with burial and cremation services, church cemeteries) $200 per annum

Enquiries and Application


Please download a Membership Application form |   For more information, please contact us at

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